Reese update

Sorry for taking so long to give an update on Reese. Work has been keeping me very busy lately. We heard back from the vet last week and it was confirmed that Reese does have Osteochondrosis, or OCD as they call it. We were given the name of a surgical vet, and were told to just keep giving him the pain meds until we were able to schedule the surgery. On Sunday afternoon, Reese had what appeared to be a pretty bad seizure. It went on for a little while, Mike and I freaked out and were trying to get him into the car to take him back to the emergency vet. By the time we got into the car and started to go, he was moving around and responding to us. We ended up not taking him and just called our vet first thing Monday morning instead. She has no idea why he had a seizure, I thought that maybe it was related to all the pain meds, but she didn't think so. It was very scary and I hope it doesn't happen again. The seizure really worried us, but we've had some experience with them before, so at least we knew what we were dealing with. I don't know if I've mentioned this before on the blog, but Cooper, our other dog, has epilepsy. He's had several seizures (including one really bad one) in the past but is now on medicine and they aren't as bad or as often. But, just to add to all this, Cooper had a small seizure last night right after we went to bed... I sat with him for awhile and he seemed to snap out of it fairly quickly. But now I'm worried about both dogs, Cooper has been doing really well lately and hadn't had a seizure in awhile. If he has anymore, we might need to increase his medication, which I don't really like to do.

After Reese's seizure on Sunday (I'm still not convinced that it has nothing to do with the amount of pain meds he's on) we decided that we need to try to get the surgery done as soon as we can. We have an consultation scheduled with the surgical vet first thing Friday morning. Hopefully we are able to schedule the surgery sometime next week.

And just so you don't think our life is only stressful right now, we did have a great weekend. We went to a local wine and art fair on Friday night with some friends and bought 2 photographs, our first real art purchases. I'm excited to get them framed and up in our house! I'll make sure to post pictures when I do. I had to work on Saturday, but we were still able to watch a few movies and grill out on Sunday. I'm loving the weather lately!

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2 Responses to Reese update

Dennis and Su said...

Gosh. We hope Reese will be better soon. So scary!

It's so cool to buy "real" art for your home. Wait till you have kids who make art. That's the really cool stuff!

Rachel Le said...

Poor doggies :( I hope they get better fast!

I'm glad you had a good weekend anyway!


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