You'd think that after all the wallpaper removal we've done, the last thing I'd want to do is hang new wallpaper. I should stuck with that thought... instead, I decided it would be a good idea to wallpaper the inside of our built-in china cabinet. Sorry, the only before picture I can find right now is with the previous owner's stuff. But image the same thing, only full of boxes. That's pretty much what it's looked like since move-in day.
The back of the cabinet is part pieces of wood, part plaster, and was falling apart. I decided to just cover the back of the cabinet with a thin piece of plywood and wallpaper over it for a nice finished (and what I thought would be easy) solution. I figured that since our entire house was wallpapered, it wouldn't be that hard to do. I was wrong.
It was very tedious and took longer than expected. Mom and I started working on it while they were visiting and only got one shelf done. Mike and I finished it Saturday morning because we were having company over for dinner and had been using our dining table as storage for all those boxes that were in the cabinet. We quickly unpacked the boxes and placed things in the cabinet... I still want to go back and edit/rearrange.

I really like how it looks, the wallpaper isn't super noticeable, but it provides a nice backdrop for our china and various glass things. Sorry for the horrible pictures, the cabinet is in the hallway outside of the kitchen and it's difficult to take pictures of. The wallpaper also looks a lot shinier in these photos, the branches aren't that noticeable really. We still need to paint the back of the bottom shelf and fix up the bottom portion of the cabinet, but it looks so much better already. I'll try to take some better photos at some point.

That was the only house project we worked on this weekend. For some reason our dog, Reese, started limping on Friday night and we had to take him to the emergency vet. He's not putting any weight on his left front paw. But he doesn't wince or anything when you touch his paw or leg or try to move it around, which is weird. The vet didn't know what was wrong with him and gave us some pain medicine and said to see how he did the rest of the weekend. He's not any better and seems pretty miserable. I think we're going to take him to our vet in the morning, hopefully whatever it is isn't a big deal and he'll start to feel better soon. Poor Reese, I wish he could tell us what's wrong...
He's also been spoiled all weekend cause we feel bad for him, he isn't normally allowed to sleep on the couch :-)

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4 Responses to wallpapering??!?

Mom and Dad said...

The hutch looks good. That doggie is so not going to forget sleeping on the couch! Poor Reese:(

Marge said...

Looks great! We have a built in with old wallpaper and the thought of re-doing it makes me want to cry... Poor puppy not feeling good, I hope Reece is okay!

Marge said...

How did I forget/not realize that you are also in STL via Columbus?!?! Amazing! I will have to check out that place in the CWE!

Dennis and Su said...

I like the paper as well. Very pretty.

Poor puppy. Hope you can figure out what his problem is!


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