The Reester

So I took Reese to the vet yesterday morning, he was very good while they poked at him and moved his leg around. The vet decided to do some x-rays to see if she could figure out what was wrong. They were going to sedate him so they could get all of the images they needed, but he was so good that they were able to do it all without sedation (I was having enough trouble moving around a 75# dog while he could still kind of help me, I was starting to freak out about taking an unconscious 75# dog home with me...) He's a tough dog! The vet is sending the x-rays out for a second opinion, but she thinks he has Osteochondrosis. This is a cartilage / bone problem that he's probably had since he was a puppy, but for whatever reason, has just been dealing with the pain for the past 5 years. Something must have happened on Friday that made it hurt even more, and now he won't put any weight on that leg. The issue is at his left leg / shoulder joint. If he indeed has Osteochondrosis, he'll need surgery. They don't do the actual surgery at our vet, so she couldn't tell me very much about it. We'd have to go to another surgical vet for a consultation. Meanwhile, we are giving him 2 different kinds of pain medicine, and aren't supposed to let him move around much at all. He's kind of on bed rest. Well, as much as a dog can be on bed rest :-)
Thanks for the nice comments and thoughts for Reese. I hope he gets better soon too. I think he misses playing with Cooper. We should know more in the next couple of days, so I'll keep you updated.

The picture above is old, but it was the only dog picture I have on my work computer. And posts without pictures just aren't as fun :-)

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2 Responses to The Reester

Rachel Le said...

Poor ol' Reese. I hope he feels better soon!

Dennis and Su said...

So do we! Poor guy!


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