after the first coat

We can't walk on the floors. but they look great from the top of the stairs...

I had to turn the flash on because it was dark and we couldn't really reach the light switches, so the floor looks a little more orange in the pictures than it really is.

The second picture in our bedroom, now that the floors are getting finished the baseboards in that room look even more horrible... they are not the original baseboards so they don't match the rest of the house, and they are stained with a very red cherry stain that makes the fact that they don't match even more obvious. Plus they weren't installed very well. We are thinking of painting the baseboards in the room white, but leaving the window seat and the window frame alone (they are still the original). Hopefully that will look ok... we also might repaint the bedroom walls while all the furniture is out. It seems silly to repaint this room only after 6 months but the color is so light that it really just looks white, and we were hoping to add a little color to the room. We'll see how ambitious we are after the floors are done.

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3 Responses to after the first coat

Rachel said...

They look so pretty! I love the variances in the wood.

I wouldn't blame you for wanting to repaint- I wouldn't want it that light either :)

Dennis and Sue said...

What a remarkable difference! They look great!

Color is fun. White? Not so much.

Dennis and Sue said...

Must know... how are the pets holding up?


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