snow and pets

I know that all of you in Ohio got a lot more snow than this last week, but we did get snow! This is a few days after so it was starting to melt. Our street looked so pretty in the snow, they don't plow our road which made it difficult to drive on, but it looked nice. Mike got to work from home for 2 days, but I wasn't so lucky. This picture was taken from the front bedroom. I love our street.The dogs loooove the snow and esp. love having the backyard so they can run around and play in it. When they were inside they kept giving me sad looks so I would feel bad and let them out to play some more. Reese is esp. good at looking pathetic.Over the weekend we watched our friends' dog. Cooper kept guarding all of his toys from the puppy, he's not very good with sharing.
The puppy loves Trevi and wanted to play with Trevi all of the time. Trevi was angry cause that meant he couldn't sleep on his new favorite chair cause the puppy could reach him. He has claimed this chair as his, he was actually meowing/yelling at some of our friends when they were sitting in the chair while watching the super bowl.

I think we all know who's really in charge at our house.

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2 Responses to snow and pets

Dennis and Sue said...

Your street is very pretty. Ours is as well.

Dogs do seem to love the snow don't they? Ours did.

"To a dog, people are best friends. To a cat people are staff." Don't know if that's an exact quote, or from whom, but it's true.

Katie said...

haha, i've never heard that quote before, but it is so true!


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