Happy Birthday Mike!

We celebrated all weekend with our friends - Kara, Jessica, and Patrick - they came to St. Louis for Mardi Gras.
I made Mike a mardi gras birthday cake - those are supposed to be mardi gras beads, made out of M&Ms.
It was even mardi gras colors on the inside.
Mike and me at the parade. Mike is wearing Jessica's hat cause it was cold.
Kara, me, and Jessica

We had the best weekend, I'm so glad that our friends could be here for Mike's bday too :-)

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Mike!

Marge said...

Oh wow, excellent job on the cake! It looks awesome and yummy. We ended up not braving the cold for Mardi Gras-- but I hope it was a blast!

Rachel said...

Love the cake!

Dennis and Sue said...

I also love the cake. Those M & Ms totally looked like Mardi Gras beads! I didn't know St. Louis had a Mardi Gras parade!


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