pictures, as promised

3 of the 5 built in shelves, they took up a lot of space.
the other 2 shelves, the one on the left has a light switch running through it with exposed wires... awesome. The light switch wasn't working so we just removed it and will replace it with a new switch, probably when we replace the overhead light. The light currently looks like this:Green ceiling fans really aren't my thing. Even more so when they are green with gold. This room also has matching green vertical blinds, hello 1980s. Those will be going also.We discovered this poor puzzle piece under a shelf. It made me sad, I always seem to be missing one piece whenever I do puzzles so I could only imagine their frustration. I almost felt bad throwing it away.
What the room looked like after the first day of moving stuff. Last night we got even more done but I forgot to take a picture. That cube shelf in the picture was a huge pain to put together. I bought it 3 or 4 years ago, and had put it together (with the instructions) at that time. When we moved to the house it wouldn't fit up the stairs so we had to take it apart. It came apart really easily, but I guess it didn't want to go back together as nicely. What you can't see is that all of the boxes on the top are actually holding the top piece down because even though it's screwed in on the ends, it kept popping off in the middle. Weird.

I also don't know what I'm going to do with that little pine desk. I got it as a present from my parents when I was little. It doesn't really work to put a computer on, and we already have another desk for the computer anyway. Hopefully we can find a place for it.

Oh, I almost forgot about this - when we removed the shelves we found that the baseboards behind the shelves weren't stained. So now we have to try to match the stain for 1/2 the baseboards. And we also realized that this room is horribly constructed. When the previous owner put up drywall over the plaster they never removed any of the woodwork so all of the drywall is just cut to go around the woodwork - resulting in the wall actually sticking out farther than the woodwork in some places. There are also some cracks in places from where that side of the house settled a little (remember the stairs? It's along that wall.) The closet was apparently built without a level. I'm hoping that once we paint and stain and fix some of the cracks, some of the other imperfections won't be as noticeable :-)

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2 Responses to pictures, as promised

Marge said...

Oh wow, I can totally relate! We are re-finishing the basement of our 1929 home and you just never know what you'll find. Last night my husband pulled out an old built in and took a mirror of a wall... they had used that double sided sticky tac to hang the mirror. Well let's just say that there was a lot of shattering and much of the drywall was torn off the wall. It'll all be worth it eventually! And I LOVE the bones of your house so much! I can't wait to see your continued progress!

Dennis and Sue said...

Makes you wonder what the puzzle was a picture of, doesn't it?

Sounds like the former homeowner went for the quick fix which, ultimately, isn't.

I remember that desk. Maybe in the guest room when it's done?


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