after the second coat

Thanks for all of the nice comments about the floors so far! They are looking even better after the second coat, sorry I didn't take any pictures, but the finish is just starting to even out and have a little more shine. The floor guy is coming today to do the final coat and if all goes well with the drying, we should be able to move furniture and start using the upstairs on Saturday.

Since you asked about the pets - they are doing ok... I've avoided writing about them the past couple of days cause I kind of feel like a bad pet owner. But, I will admit it - the cats have been living in the dog cage. It's a big dog cage!! They have their litter box, food, water, and a nice comfy cat bed. I know that it's really what is best for them cause I don't want them getting into the floor guy's stuff, or walking on the floors and getting floor finish on their paws, but I still feel bad. They yell/meow a lot, they don't like being in the cage. We have it set up in the dining room so at least they can see everything that is going on. Reese will go over and sit by the cage when they start to meow, I think he feels bad for them too. The dogs are doing fine, they just like to be where we are, and since we're downstairs, they are fine with being downstairs. We put a baby gate across the bottom of the stairs so they won't go upstairs, just in case. They are going to be really upset though next week when Mike and I can go upstairs and they can't. I feel like there's a good chance one of us will still have to sleep on the couch next week.

Oh, Mike also started priming the bathroom last night, maybe we'll actually get it painted tonight or tomorrow. Here's a picture of the wall color that we're putting in the bathroom:

And this is the color we're thinking of using in our bedroom, it's called light silver sage - at the store it looked really green but in our room the little swatch looks pretty blue. I was hoping for a light gray/blue/green color so I think this will look great. We might have Lowes color match though cause Restoration Hardware is not that close.

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2 Responses to after the second coat

Marge said...

Ooooh I am loving your paint colors!

Dennis and Sue said...

I also like the colors, especially the green. (I'm partial to green)

A cage is a good idea for the cats. Getting floor finish on their paws would be BAD! They are just making sure you feel REALLY guilty. Cats are good at that!


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