countdown - 6 days

The floor guy is coming Monday to start refinished the floors upstairs! Which means, we have to move everything we can into the one room that is not being refinished upstairs, and then move everything else down onto the first floor or the basement. If you remember, the front smaller bedroom (the room that we'll be moving everything into) had these "built-in" shelves on 2 of the walls. Over the weekend we removed the shelves - really just those laminated shelves, they were kind of falling apart and just took up a lot of space. We put them in our garage for now, we might try to set them up in there, or give them away.

Last night we started the moving process by putting together our ikea cube shelf and filling it up with boxes. We also moved a few pieces of furniture. Our plan is to focus on the 2 other bedrooms (that are basically just being used for storage) first, and then move our bedroom stuff last. I took some pictures last night, but blogger wasn't liking me this morning so I was unable to upload them. I'll try to post some next time :-) I'm very excited about finishing the floors so we can start to focus on the upstairs, it will be so nice to actually unpack these boxes instead of just moving them around every few months.

You might be wondering, like I am, how this will work exactly, with us living in the house. The floor guy is estimating that it will take 4 days to do the floors, start to finish. We have to basically live downstairs for those 4 days, plus probably a day or two afterwards. The dogs can't go upstairs for 2 weeks after the last coat of poly because the floor needs extra time to cure before they walk on it with their nails. We can't put down area rugs for I believe 30 days (although we don't really have any rugs to put upstairs, so that's not a problem). Our only shower is upstairs. Our downstairs bathroom has no door because I am still working on the paint removal. Our cats like to get into things, esp. things that they are not supposed to...

For now, our plan is to bring everything we need downstairs and sleep on the couches. Good thing we haven't sold that extra couch yet! The dogs will have to either stay in their cage or be gated somewhere so they can't get upstairs. The cats... I'm not sure about. Our first thought was to put them in the basement, esp. while the guy is there working, but he also needs to run power for his sander from our electrical box, which is in the basement... We told him that we'd like to shower before work, so he's going to try to come to our house first each day, that way if he gets the poly down by mid-afternoon each day, we will be able to walk on it enough to get into the bathroom to shower the next morning. Basically, I think it's going to be crazy and we're just going to have to see how it goes. Mike is going to work from home on Monday, so he should be able to work with the guy and figure out some of these details, esp. what to do with all the pets.

I can see why it's recommended to not try to live in your house while refinished the floors :-P

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One Response to countdown - 6 days

Dennis and Sue said...

That is exciting in a very daunting sort of way. Once the guy starts the floor sander, the cats won't WANT to be around! Good luck! Take pictures!


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