the other valentine

It's seemed only appropriate that instead of going out to some big fancy dinner, or spending money on chocolates and flowers, we spend valentines weekend with our other love - our house.
Which is why we spent Friday night painting this bathroom. Goodbye overwhelming yellow paint, hello new green paint.We also painted the vanity white, get some new handles, and painted the baseboards. Eventually we'll get a new vanity, lights, floor, and mirror, but this was an easy update for now. What about the door you ask?? Well, we're working on it...It's getting there. This is after 3 coats of the paint remover. It's a messy job, but it seems to be working. I think we'll take one more pass at it, and then try sanding. Hopefully we can get the remaining yellow paint out of some of the grooves. And for those of you that have been paying attention, yes, this does mean that while we couldn't get to the upstairs bathroom because of our floors, we also didn't have a door on our downstairs bathroom. Luckily it's located away from the living room (where we spend most of the time) so it hasn't been as bad as it sounds. We just haven't invited any guests over :-)
Last night we were finally able to sleep back upstairs, which is good, I was ready to be done sleeping on the couch. I was noticeably more tired last week, even though I felt like I was sleeping ok. Even Reese is ready to have his dog bed back upstairs. Unfortunately, he has to wait another week, they are still banned from upstairs until then because of the floors. Last night they slept in the kitchen (with their dog beds), they barked a little at first, but I think they did ok. The cats are very happy to be out of the cage and have been spending lots of time upstairs.

I guess we did get our house flowers for Valentine's day :-) I've been wanting an orchid for awhile now, but I was always afraid the cats would eat it, or I would kill it. We got that little ivy plant a few weeks ago and it's been doing great in this window in the living room, so we decided to see how we do with an orchid. It looks very pretty now, I hope it stays that way.

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