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Well, the floor guy is starting tomorrow. We've been slowly clearing out the second floor over the last week, all we had left to do today was clear out our bedroom. We also realized that we needed to paint the radiators in the back bedrooms, we wanted to get that done before the floors were refinished.The den radiator was a light green, it matched the wallpaper, of course. There is also evidence that the woodwork in this room was also painted light green at one time, but luckily they did a good job of removing the paint and it just has a nice natural finish now.
White radiator, much better. The floors in the room are in ok shape, it looks like there was a rug that had been glued down to the middle of the room at one time, you can see where it was attached to the floor.

The guest room had a blue radiator (it matched that lovely blue carpet, and the wallpaper).Much better. I can't wait to remove the wallpaper in this room... it kind of hurts your eyes.
The floors in the room are covered in the carpet pad and carpet pad glue. The floor guy is just going to sand it all off, and hopefully the floors underneath look ok.The floors in our bedroom have a lot of random paint splatters.I think they just never used a drop cloth when painting.
He is also going to sand and refinish the hallway, there is a big "pet stain" in front of the back bedroom door (not from our pets, it was already there). He's not sure he can get the whole stain out, but hopefully it will be much less noticeable.
And here's the forth bedroom, it is packed full of all of our stuff:We still need to paint the radiator in this room, but that's the last one! I'll be sure to update with pictures as we go along, I can't wait to see how the floors look!

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3 Responses to before floors

Rachel said...

The house is going to look so nice with bright shiny floors!

We're hoping to buy a house really soon(!!), and the one we want has a fireplace. I was thinking about using that heat resistant paint you used for your radiators on the fireplace because some of the paint that's currently on it has bubbled. from the heat (I think the owners built too big of a fire!).

Marge said...

Wow there was some serious ugly going on before you guys got started! I can't wait to see the floors.

Oh, and have I mentioned that I am SO jealous of the radiators-- not painting them though! ;)

Rachel said...

This is the 4th house we've looked at in person (aside from the billions online ;). I'm surprised we found one this quickly too.

We're planning on having the seller pay the closing costs too :)


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