Mike sent me some pictures at work, I know that you all are just as impatient as I am to see the floor progress. They were able to get all the floors sanded today. Tomorrow they will buff the floors and put on the first coat of poly. I took an hour off work earlier today to go home and pick the stain color - we ended up picking just the natural poly finish, no stain. We were pretty sure that was what we wanted, but the floor guy was nice enough to show us some different options. They all looked great (and so much better than what we have) but the natural finish just really highlighted all of the great wood grain in the floors, and I think the lighter color will look best with the woodwork on the second floor. I meant to get a picture of all of the stain options on the floor, but he had already sanded them out by the time Mike went back upstairs with the camera. So far I'm super happy with how things are going, it makes me really nervous to have someone else working on our house.

The yellow carpet pad and glue gave him some issues when he was sanding, but he was able to get it all off! He hadn't done the edges yet in this picture.

The floors are going to look so much better, I can't wait to see them tomorrow after the first coat of poly. I think we're going with the semi-gloss finish, so they will be shiny, but not too shiny.

We may or may not start painting the downstairs bathroom tonight... last night was the first night of sleeping on the couches and it didn't go very well.

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4 Responses to sanded!

Rachel said...

Wow, they look great already!

Dennis and Sue said...

Be glad you have someone to sand those floors down for you. Running the sander is dirty & noisy and it can be all too easy to sand a divot in the middle of your nice wood floor! The best part of the job is applying the first coat finish and seeing the full beauty of the wood grain. It's like magic!

Marge said...

They look amazing! Be so happy you aren't doing that yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Isn't amazing how refreshing the floors makes such a difference to a room!


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