back big bedroom

This room is also a good size room, probably almost the same size as the room we're using as our bedroom. The plan for this room is to make it into a den / tv room. We have 2 couches, so one will go in this room, along with our smaller tv and probably the elliptical machine. Eventually we'd like to set up some kind of work out space in the basement, but for now I'd like to keep the elliptical upstairs.

This room is interesting b/c it has the exposed brick wall, and for some reason, most of the woodwork has been stripped. The theory from the inspector was the there was some kind of leak in the roof above this room awhile ago, and instead of repairing the damaged plaster, the homeowner just removed the plaster and left the brick exposed. We're just hoping that the floors weren't damaged under the carpet. Check out that wallpaper though! The plan for this room is the same as the other bedrooms - remove the carpet, remove the wallpaper, paint the walls...

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