Our house!

Closing was yesterday and things went well. Even though we signed all of the paperwork in the morning, we weren't able to get into the house until late afternoon, so we weren't able to do much work yesterday. We did pull back a corner of the carpet and were excited to see that the floors looked like they were in good shape. And then we went to Home Depot and spent too much money. But Mom bought us a cool new ladder, and my brother gave us a gift card (I'll show you part of what we bought below...)

Mike opening the door of our house

The previously promised picture of the wall safe, turns out that it was opened about 30 years ago by the seller, and it was empty. But I think when I tell people about it, I'm going to pretend that we don't know that :-) Our favorite tool of the day, the new shop vac, thanks Alan! There is some nasty stuff under the carpets...

No more pink carpet!

First picture of the hardwood floors! Why would you cover these up? Today we were able to remove the carpet in the entire downstairs except for the kitchen, and all but 2 bedrooms upstairs. By the end of the day tomorrow, we should have all of the carpet out. Except for maybe the kitchen, but only b/c I'm not sure what's under it.

Pretty floors! They need a good cleaning though. Eventually we'd like to refinish them, but for now, this is way better than the carpet.

Not so pretty floors... I guess that the stairs used to come out farther into the entry. This is issue #1. I'm not sure how we're going to fix this, but we have a few ideas.

This is when we started to get worried - there is a good 2" gap between the stairs and the wall, and it looks like the wall is bowing out. Luckily, our super great bldg inspector was able to come over and reassured us that this wasn't a huge deal. He thinks that the stairs have also moved some, making it seem worse than it is. Still, this is something that we're going to have to fix, probably by cutting new stair treads. We'll need to do this anyway though because the bottom 2 treads are just plywood. Ugh. Issue #2.

The last issue of the day and also the reason why all of the carpet didn't get removed. This is the back small bedroom, remember the blue carpet? The carpet pad in this room was glued down somehow and the pad has just turned to dust, but is also completely stuck on the floor. We spent forever scraping at the floors, and were only able to get one layer up.

Tomorrow we should be able to get in another full day of work. We're hoping to get some primer on the dining room walls by the end of the day! Wish us luck!

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