I can't upload any pictures b/c I'm posting from my work computer, but I thought I'd give an update anyway. We've been making progress, but I think that in most cases we're finding that we have to make it look worse before we can make it look better, hehe. We have all of the carpet out of the house, except for in the kitchen. The kitchen carpet is over plywood, but we might take out the carpet anyway and just paint the plywood for now. We've pulled all the staples and tack strips from the entire downstairs and stairs, and we've removed the wallpaper from the living room and our bedroom. We also were able to remove the mirror from above the fireplace (after much struggle) and then broke it into pieces on the front porch b/c it was too heavy to carry to the dumpster. So now the new neighbors probably think we're crazy b/c we break mirrors on the porch, hehe. We also have primed the dining room and started repairing the walls and priming the living room. The past couple of days have been hard, we have to work during the day and aren't able to get very much done in the evenings. Mom has been a huge help, it's nice that at least someone can be working on the house during the day! We'd like to have the living room and our bedroom painted by the time the movers come with our stuff on Saturday, but we'll see how that goes... I'll try to post some pictures soon, we have been at the house every evening until 9:30 and I just want to go to bed by the time I get home! In some ways I think it might even be a little easier once we're living there just because we won't be spending so much time driving back and forth.

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