living/dining room

Warning - you are about to see the main rooms of the house, and the reason why we first called our house the "pink house" - this is also one of the big reasons why we love this house and are excited about its potential.

from pocket door, looking into dining room

from dining room, looking into living room

one of the 4 stained glass windows in the dining room

built-in between living and dining room

fireplace in living room

These rooms were kind of difficult to photograph b/c there was so much furniture in both rooms, but hopefully you can get a good idea. The first thing to do in these rooms is to take out all of the pink carpet!! We're also going to remove the wallpaper and the big mirror above the fireplace and paint the walls a nice neutral color. We'll also need to paint the radiators. Eventually we'd like to replace the two main light fixtures, and find some kind of shade for the 4 little light fixtures in the box beam ceiling. Last night I put the basic floorplan of the house in autoCAD and was playing around with furniture placement, and now I'm wondering if maybe we could switch the dining and living rooms... The dining room is actually a bigger room, and right now, we have no dining furniture. We can fit everything into the living room, but I feel like it might work better if it was in the dining room. I can't decide though! Any thoughts?

As for the air conditioning - the second crew is supposed to start this week, possibly even today, so as for now we're still scheduled to close on the 18th!

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