'Twas the night before closing...

We went through the house one last time this evening before closing tomorrow. All of the work (the a/c, the roof, the fascia, electric updates, etc) look really good. They are almost done with the a/c too, just doing some of the finish work upstairs. The a/c is on and running, and the house is nice and cool. The house looks much bigger without all of the furniture in it! All of the carpet and wallpaper just looks even worse though :-)

I guess that they have you go over the house before closing just to make sure that there aren't any surprises. We did find a couple of surprises tonight, but both fun ones!

1) there is a very old wall safe in the wall of the large back bedroom. The seller (who lived there over 50 years) was never able to get it open, so no one knows what is it in. How fun is that!? I didn't take a picture, but I'll post one later. It was behind a picture before so we never saw it.

2) this is a big one - remember the upstairs blue bathroom? It was really bothering me that there was no natural light in that room. Almost all of these old houses have windows in the bathroom, but this one didn't. I was trying to think of how we could add a window, maybe put in a skylight... something to bring light into the room, esp. since it's so small. Well, this evening our realtor was questioning the fact that there wasn't a window. So we went outside and looked at the side of the house, and guess what?? There is a window! For some reason it was drywalled over. That side of the house is right on the lot line and the neighbors have a giant tree, so we were never able to really see that side of the house, which is why we hadn't noticed it before. But we can def. see a window through the tree, now we just need to ask the neighbors nicely if they will let us into their backyard so we can try to see what kind of shape it is in. I'm so excited that there is a window!

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