dining room table!

Yesterday we went to Crate&Barrel to look at some rugs... and ending up buying a dining room table. We had seen this table a few months ago and really liked it, but it was soooo out of our price range. Last night we walked past the clearance section, and there was the table. It was the floor model so it had a few very minor scratches on it, but otherwise was in really good condition. And, it was less than a 1/3 of the price! Even though we weren't planning on getting a table anytime soon, we decided that it was too good of a deal to pass up. I think that we'll have it delivered in a few weeks so we have time to finish up the room first. It's a solid bamboo table, here's a close up picture of the top:Tonight I hope to start painting the bedroom. We took down the ceiling fan blades the other night and painted those white, it seemed like a good temporary solution until we can get a new fan. Normally I'm not a big fan (hehe) of ceiling fans, but we've had one in our room at the apartment and I really liked having it on at night. So I think we'll probably get a newer, updated fan at some point. Hopefully I'll have some pictures of a finished painted bedroom soon :-)

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2 Responses to dining room table!

Dennis and Sue said...

Hey! Your Dad sent us a link to your blog. We had seen the before photos when we visited your folks several weeks ago. Can't believe the progress you've made already! Wow! It's amazing. We will continue to follow your blog.

All the best to you always! Miss you too!

Dennis and Sue said...

P.S. Good taste in tables as well as fantastic bargain hunting! Congrats! The table is beautiful!


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