front big bedroom

This house actually has 4 bedrooms. When we first starting looking at houses, we were looking at 2 bedrooms, and a few with 3 bedrooms. We never thought we'd get a house that had 4! But, we already have plans for all 4 rooms :-) I'll start with the largest bedroom, the one that we'll be using as our bedroom.

I ran out of time during the inspection to take pictures upstairs, so I only have a few quick pictures of each room right now from when we first went to see the house. This room has a nice big window with a window seat and has 2 closets. Like the rest of the house, we want to take out the carpet and wallpaper. I'm thinking of painting the walls in our room a very light blue-gray color, and maybe finding a good size area rug. I'm so nervous about what the hardwood floors look like... This room is high on our priority list b/c we want to be able to escape some of the crazy that will be going on in the rest of our house. I think it will be hard to figure out how to arrange the furniture though, with the window taking up almost one whole wall, and the closets on the opposite wall, there aren't very many places that furniture can go.

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