last but not least... small back bedroom and bathroom

The small back bedroom is by far, the strangest room in the house. Not only does it have bright blue carpet, a blue radiator, and wallpaper that has caused Mike to call the room the "old spice room" it also has wood paneling on one wall, and an attic fan it the window. When we saw the mls listing with the words attic fan in the description, we assumed that meant there was a fan in the attic? No, apparently this is how the owner would help to cool her house, by having a giant attic fan in one of the bedroom windows. The second picture is one of my favorite before pictures of the house. It's taken from inside the old spice room, looking into the hallway. You get a good perspective of all of the patterns, colors, and finishes that we get to work with. Notice the 3 different kinds of carpet, the wood paneling, the different wallpapers, plus, for some reason, the finish has been taken off the door frame in this room too.

This room will probably start off as the guest room, and might eventually become the office instead. Same as the others, the carpet, wallpaper (+ wood paneling) will be removed. There is also a small balcony off of this room that overlooks the backyard. The reason why this might become the office is because of this:

This is the only full bath in the house. It's right beside the old spice room. It's very blue, and very small. What you can't see is that behind the bathroom door there is a linen close... and behind the sink is the closet for the old spice room. My plan is to move the wall of bathroom back and take over the space of the linen closet and the bedroom closet. This means that the old spice room would lose its closet, which is why we might just make it the office instead. We haven't taken exact measurements of this idea yet, but I'm thinking that it will give us about an extra 2' in the bathroom. We'd like to be able to put in 2 sinks then, and really make it a fabulous bathroom, esp. since it's the only full bath. Of course I also have an even more expensive idea, that involves losing the old spice room completely and moving the master to the back of the house, but we could add a new master bath and a huge closet... that's the plan that we don't talk about cause it scares Mike :-P For now though, we'll remove the wallpaper and paint the walls and maybe the vanity. I'd also like to try to remove the glass shower door and put up a shower curtain, I think that could help hide some of the overwhelming blue tile and tub.

Well, that's it! The whole house. I'm excited to see it without all of the furniture in it, then I can get some true before photos. I can't believe that by the end of the week we'll be home owners! Ahhh!!
We spend the whole weekend packing, and I have to say, I'm pretty proud of us. I really don't like to pack, but we should be able to finish up this week. Take a look at how many boxes we already have (hard to see in the picture, but they go all the way back to the corner):

This is how Trevi helped with the packing... by enjoying having all of the furniture free for his napping.

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