the front of the house now, with the flowers Mom brought from Columbus, and a new hanging basket
no more pink walls in the dining room!
the wallpaper mess in the living room, this must have been professionally installed, it was behind all of the baseboards, etc and was applied right on top of new (at the time) drywall.
us trying to remove the mirror, we couldn't get it to break! We thought breaking it would be easier b/c it was so heavy.
what was behind the mirror - very old wallpaper over a crumbling plaster wall over brick
the mirror after we smashed in on the front porch :) that's about a billion years of bad luck...
the new drywall above the fireplace, doesn't it look like we know what we're doing??
(what you can't see is that we had to cut the drywall using the new return air vent as our straight edge b/c we forgot to buy one, and that what is behind the drywall was so crumbling that the drywall is basically just held up with liquid nail... the end conclusion of this project is that we won't be hanging our flat screen tv above the fireplace)
wallpaper mess in our bedroom - this wallpaper came off much easier. We went back yesterday and patched the walls and Mom is going to try to prime the room today.
I'm having a hard time picking paint colors for this house, the lighting is very different in every room and with the dark woodwork and the floors, the lighter colors seems to look best. I did pick one of these samples for the living room, you'll have to wait to find out which one though... (oh the suspense!)We started painting the ceiling in the living room last night, look how dirty is was! We used a whole gallon of paint and only got the ceiling a little over half way done before we ran out of paint. Yesterday we also were able to patch the new drywall, and Mom removed the rest of the carpet staples upstairs! Tonight we're taking the evening off to have dinner with my aunt and uncle who are driving through St. Louis on their way to visit my cousin in Kansas City.

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