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So... since I haven't actually given out the blog address to anyone, I have been feeling no pressure to actually update posts when I say I will. Maybe I should pass on the address to friends and family so I'll be a little better about posting.

Quick update on the air conditioning drama - it turns out that the contractor was going to hire another crew to do the install of the upstairs unit (duel zone system, one unit on the roof for the upstairs, and a unit in the basement for the first floor), and there's a chance that the other crew could start a little earlier. Our air conditioning guy is going to meet at the house today with the other a/c guy, and they are going to discuss the time frame. Because of this, there's a slight chance that they will be finished by the end of the day on Thursday, July 17th, which means we should still be able to close on the 18th. We should find out more this evening.

But now for fun pictures. Please keep in mind that all of these pictures were taken during our inspection and have the seller's furniture in them. We've decided to approach this whole project in phases - the first phase will be the least expensive, but probably one of the most labor intensive and time consuming portions. We want to go through the house, room by room, and take out all carpet, wall paper, horrible light fixtures, etc. We need to prime and paint all walls, ceilings, and radiators. Then, at some point in the future, we will go back and do a more major updating of some rooms in the house, like the bathrooms and the kitchen. So I'll go ahead and post all ideas for each of the rooms as I go through them, but keep in mind that some of these things won't be happening for awhile...

view behind the door at the bottom of the stairs, notice the stained glass window

bench and stairs (blurry, sorry)

down the stairs, view of window (skylight above)

view from living room into entry, love love love the pocket door!

So obviously the first thing is to take that horrible green carpet out. And yes, it's even more dirty and gross looking in person. We're hoping that the hardwood underneath is in good shape. We'll also take down all of the wallpaper, then prime and paint the walls a nice neutral color. The wallpaper above the stairs will be a huge pain. Eventually we'll replace the light fixture above the stairs. And of course the new (old) front doors will make a big difference in the space! There isn't a single closet on the first floor of this house, so we'll need to put in some kind of coat rack or hooks, probably behind the door, for winter coats. I love the color of the wood on the pocket door, that's probably the way that all of the wood looked a long time ago. The rest of the wood in the house is very dark, in some places it almost looks black. Does anyone know if there's a way to get the wood to lighten up a little? I'd love it to be closer to the original color...

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