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Mike and I drove down by the house tonight and tried out a new restaurant. We took some more pictures of the exterior so I wanted to go ahead and post those. We also met someone who lives down the street, he was out taking a walk. He was telling us how they bought their house a few years ago and have also slowly been fixing it up. Hopefully the rest of the new neighbors will be as nice! We drove down the alley and say the air conditioning unit on the roof, luckily, you can't see it from the street. Anyway, when I was downloading the new house pictures from my camera I noticed that I had a few other pictures that I had wanted to post about, so sorry for the random interruption of the house tour, but hey, I warned you at the beginning that's how I work :-P

This is the view down the street, we love all the trees

The first picture above is of our house. The brown paint has got to go, as well as the front door. The next picture is of the house that is two houses down from ours, basically the same but with a much better paint job and with the original front doors. Plus, they have some nice landscaping and just overall just more color. We're hoping that we can get our house to look more like their house, but with a different color scheme. This house is down the street, I just really liked how they did their landscaping. This is the little wine fridge that we saw last week at Home Depot, I think it would fit perfectly in the spot where we're taking out the trash compactor :-) Mike is always making fun of me because no matter what it is that we're looking at for the home, I always always always pick the most expensive thing. For example, a few weeks ago we were looking at new fridges, and just based only on appearances, I picked a fridge that was way more expensive than any of the other surrounding fridges. It has nice handles though! I'm especially good at this when it comes to furniture. Anyway, we went to a nearby lighting store to check out some lighting options, and of course this is the first light I point out to him (see above). Guess how much it costs? Something like $11k. Completely affordable... but more realistically, I think that something like the light below would look nice in our dining room, I like how it's still very modern, but wouldn't contrast too greatly with some of the original features that we love about the room.

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